Getting an e next – an updated version. And finally it often happens that people who receive texts from me are not able to read them due to problems with my phone. Newest Newest Most Views. Crashed 3 times whilst typing a message using normal words,not like some of the rubbish that gets typed here and that meant I lost two games that I had downloaded via Vodaphone,lost ringtones and just a plane restart needed. I bought this a long time ago but god knows how i’ve put up with it.

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The worst samsung e710 about this phone is the menus. The ringtones are so low that I hardly ever realize when my phone’s ringing.

Samsung E / E review

Basically a carbon copy of the E but with a diffrent design colour and layout Reviewed by dan from england on 5th Aug this phone is da bobm cant wait to star samsung e710 it even more Rating: You cannot use any other network, until you enter the correct unlock code. Use the link below to samsung e710 your device Unlock networks for Samsung E It looks great and it is full to the brim of features: I cant really explain in words how much samsung e710 phone has narked me.


Blue, Black, White and Red. It takes ages to turn on, had to have a samsung e710 repair a month ago and now the screen has got lines accross it. Damsung a month of use, the screen had samsung e710 cracked on the inside, no physical damage was obvious from the outside. Well done samsung, a brilliant phone produced. It likes 2 freeze up and turn itself off and wen i turn it back on again, numbers hav bin deleted and text messages also. Ends up samsung e710 like a cheap piece of tat.

Reviewed by tsotne kvetenadze from UK on 1st Jun I am from georgia, zestaphoni.

I would recommend anybody to buy this. For unlock Samsung E following options are available. Reviewed by massood from uk on 12th Feb best samsung e710 evr! No results for Manuals ” “.

Sell Samsung E710

Was a good upgrade from a nokia. Everything takes twice as many button presses as I’d expect.

Had it for 6 months. Things however were not going to go well from the start. Have also had problems about the phone switching of in the middle of calls – samsung e710 there was still power on the battery.

If there is any like, two people talking even samsung e710 around, I can barely hear the person who Samsung e710 talk to. Can’t wait to upgrade to Motorola V3 or V! I bought this a long time ago but god knows how i’ve put up with it. If it feel like the one i own now i’ll just wait for a better model. samsumg


Thank you samsung for giving me samsung e710 fantastic two and a half years! Hope they have addesses the build quality issues with the E I samsung e710 email, and an option to send things via infra-red, and if you could customize the menus into smaller letters, and an option for themes and downloadable themes could have been cool features. It samsung e710 jam packed with a lot of features such as videorecording and voice memo and although the price is a bit wee high i think it is worth it. Samsung E is now network unlocked!!!

Samsung E715

Duplicates will be removed. Unlock Samsung Samsung E On only the samsung e710 day of use, the camera packed up and wouldn’t take any pictures. Doesnt av radio or MP3.