On the reverse side of things, ISA slots are quickly dying, so this feature is becoming less of a necessity. You may have to register before you can post: The Chipset The events that occurred with the delay and controversy of the Intel chipset provided for an interesting situation. The original version was released in fall and supported single-processor installations and used the VIA North Bridge. As I understand it, plug and play bios sytems are usually recorded on a flash memory chip that is easily updated.

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This fact is certainly overlooked by most. Update it if necessary. I’m only dangerously knowledgable. In addition to using server chipsets from third-party vendors, Hewlett-Packard has developed two distinct lines of chipsets for its servers:.

The integrated hardware monitoring can monitor 5 voltages including the voltage supplied to the A chip itself motyerboard, three temperatures including the temp of the A and two fans.

However, although the zx1 is designed to work in one-way and two-way workstation configurations as well as in two-way and four-way server applications, it does not support eight-way implementations.

The Chipset – VIA Apollo Pro /A Motherboard Roundup – February

This is in addition to the 1: But like the saying goes Other than the i and iE chipsets, the Apollo Pro is the only other chipset to support the 1: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. I can’t find your motherboard at ASUS. How do I go about knowing this is my setup and then updating it? So I’m asking in this seperate thread for a little hand holding and a walkthrough or maybe even advice as to whether or not to do it. However, compared to other Itanium 2 chipsets, it has several distinct features:.

Recent Drivers  TPKD.SYS DRIVER

Note that there are actually two versions of this chipset.

Need Help Updating Via Chipset! Some of Hewlett-Packard’s latest servers based on the zx1 incorporate two Itanium 2 processors in the mx2 dual processor module, enabling the chipset to support eight-way implementations. Most motherboards use an external motheroard to provide hardware monitoring functionality which takes up PCB space and adds the cost of the chip to the motherboard.

Need Help Updating Via Chipset! Bios Upgrade ?

Everything would have gone down fine for Intel except for one major thing I also notice that you can update your bios system. See All Related Store Items.

Results 1 to 3 of 3 Thread: Although some of VIA Technologies Pentium 4—class chipsets are also compatible with the Xeon, litigation has discouraged motherboard makers from adopting them for server-class motherboards. Though few graphics cards use the “Fast Writes” features, adding jotherboard feature would have made the 67KV a board with nothing lacking, especially since we can certainly see graphic card manufacturers incorporating “Fast Writes” on their products in the future.


RDRAM was developed to overcome the memory bandwidth bottleneck by providing very high data transfer rates. Problem Current AGP speed is lower than maximum supported. The Hewlett-Packard Super-Scalable Processor chipset sx, codenamed Pinnacles, supports eight-way or higher implementations. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

The A is a better overall solution than the B for a motherboard manufacturer yet there are still some motherboxrd manufacturers that use the old B South Bridge. This certainly adds a great deal of flexibility to a computer system.

VIA Apollo Pro 133/133A Motherboard Roundup – February 2000

But if it could possibly solve my problems. One suggestion the first time I had this problem was to update my Via Chipset 4in1 Drivers.

As some may have read, I have a thread on a problem I’ve had with plugging in my camcorder and streaming video onto my computer since I installed a new G Western Digital Hard Drive.

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